Stark Stars Steaming Their Way Through Science Projects

Help me give my students materials to enrich our science curriculum through STEM-driven projects focusing on the engineering and design process.

Our school is a Title I school with over 60% of our population is on free or reduced lunch. Our science curriculum aligns with NGSS, and these additional STEM programs will support our curriculum by integrating science, math, art, technology, and engineering into several projects. Students will use materials such as coffee filters, shower curtains, craft sticks, marbles, glue sticks, LEGOs, K’nex, notebooks, boxes, paper towel rolls, wax paper, pipe cleaners, pool noodles, etc. to create projects that target global issues such as wind energy, parachute usage and insect control while aligning to the engineering and design process.

Students will plan, design, and present their projects while using creative materials that are found in our world to help solve some global issues we are facing today.
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Mrs. Plateroti

Grades 3-5

Comfy Cozy Carpet

Help me give my students a larger carpet so we can meet as a group comfortably.

I am requesting a new carpet for my classroom so my students can meet comfortably as a whole group. The current carpet we have is a bit too small for our growing bodies.

The new carpet will not only allow us to meet as a whole group, but it will give us the additional space to spread out during our independent reading time.

Students can sit or lie down comfortably while reading their favorite book, work together in small groups, or on occasion when we celebrate our fantastic first grade behavior with a popcorn and movie party.

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Cozy Comfy Carpet

Help me give my students colorful cozy rugs to enhance our classroom space.

Looking to update and refresh my classroom! We currently have two, older dark rugs that don’t fit all of the students comfortably.

These large oval, colorful rugs are just what we need to create a warm inviting space for our best learning.

My students will be able to spread out in the room. The shape and bright colors on these rugs will definitely create a happy fun space where students want to learn. These rugs are also a learning tool to encourage the students to sit near the teacher during instruction. These rugs will also be used during independent work and reading as an alternative for traditionally working at their desks.

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Center Time in Kindergarten

Help me give my students literacy and math centers to grow and learn.

My Project

My students are an incredible group of enthusiastic, energetic, and adorable kindergarten children. They come to school every day with bright smiles on their faces and are excited to learn something new. Each one of my students brings their own unique style of learning to the classroom. They make teaching and learning fun, enthusiastic and enjoyable.

We belong to a school community that is a diverse neighborhood public school in CT.

The students in my school come from a wide range of family dynamics. Even though my students come from different backgrounds they all share one thing, they want to come to school to be great learners, to be kind, and to please those around them.

Kindergarten students love to work and learn together in small groups. These literacy and math tools will be used to help them build their skills, work together and be a team of learners. The Find the Letter Activity Center, Fishing for Sight Words and Snap-N-Learn Counting Sheep will hep students work together during literacy and math centers to advance their academic skills. My students will also be able to use the Fisher-Price Farm set during interactive play to learn about farm animals.

Your donations will help my students be the best learners and team workers they can be.

Thank you in advance.

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Snug as a Bug in a Rug!

Help me give my students a brand new space to learn and grow!

My Project

My students love coming into a cozy and welcoming room. With your help I can make my classroom even more comfortable and allow for more flexible seating options!

With this new rug and bookcase, it will open a new area in the room for group work, collaborating, and building friendships.

My students LOVE moving around the room and using clipboard to do their work. With this new cozy work space, students will be able to get cozy with a new book, or complete math problems with a partner! The possibilities are endless!

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Ms. Grosso

Grades 3-5

Cozy Corner

Help me give my students a cozy corner where they can get lost in a good book.

My classroom usually consists of 17 high energy students who work from the minute they enter the room until the minute they line up to leave. We work collaboratively during much of the day, and at times, need a bit of space to work or read independently. Their ages range from eight to nine years old. They are eager to learn, and love to work with their peers.

Storage benches and a rug will create a cozy book nook in our classroom.

The carpet allows them to spread out and get comfortable while they are reading.

The benches and carpet, will make the room a bit more cozy and add a pop of color.

By donating to this project, you will provide my students with another option for sitting down with a good book, and we all know the more you read, the better at reading you get!

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Ms. Larmon

Grades 3-5

Speech Essentials

Help me give my students book bins, classroom materials and other essentials for effective and fun speech/language therapy.

My Project

I work with some amazing students that require an abundance of materials for their speech/language therapy. The better speech/language skills they can develop in the elementary school years, the better communicators they can be in their future.

Your donation will help fund materials to keep therapy fun, engaging, interactive, motivating, safe, and clean.

A simple new change such as answer buzzers can make a session go from boring to fun! My students also love coloring and books and will greatly appreciate new art materials and book organization. Thank you for helping me help my students!

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Mrs. Farrell

Grades 3-5

Room Refresh!

Help me give my students an updated classroom with a fresh feel. The white washed storage cabinets will brighten the room, as the other items will help to give the room a pop of color.

My Project

The students that are enrolled in our school are highly motivated learners. Each year I have a group of enthusiastic students that know our classroom is considered our “home” while at school. It is a comfortable, safe place where my students can learn and grow.

The white wash bookcases I am requesting will update our room with a nice bright feel.

They will take the place of the darker bookcases with peeled laminate that I currently have in my class. The other items will help to give the room a pop of color, and a bit of help with organization of folders and Chrome books.

Overall, I am looking to brighten the room using items that will help make the room calm and colorful.

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Getting Ready for a Great School Year in New Arrivals!

Help me give my students the materials to begin our new school year. We need some new equipment and games to enhance our learning!

My Project
I am a New Arrivals English Language teacher. My students come from all over the world and they have just arrived in the United States and my New Arrivals classroom. They bring a special blend of linguistic diversity, background knowledge, prior experiences, and excitement to our school. We are a Title I school in a low-income community. The majority of our students receive free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch in school every day.

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Ms. Vaccaro

Grades 3-5