Cheers for Chairs!

Help me give my students ergonomic chairs that give kids the comfort they need as they sit the way that suits them while working.

Everyone knows kids need to move. Some kids even move while they are giving their full attention to learning.

With a flexible seat back and a unique steel frame that provides both spring and stability, each molded chair allows children to sit forward and sideways…and even bounce while they are learning.

Many kids do not sit in the conventional way many of us had to sit when we were in school. Today, we allow children to sit more freely, knowing that they will produce much more if they are comfortable. That is why we are requesting these bounce chairs.

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Tools For Growing Minds

Help me give my students the best classroom environment ever! An Apple Ipad and hands on educational kits will help enhance our classroom and bring learning to life.

My students are an incredible group of enthusiastic, energetic, and adorable kindergarten children. They come to school every day with bright smiles on their faces and are excited to learn something new. Each one of my students brings their own unique style of learning to the classroom.

We are constantly advancing in the world of technology and I would like to give my students the opportunity to use the Apple IPad to work on math and literacy programs that our district has given us access to. Students will use the iPad for interactive learning programs, listening to stories, and broadening their experience with the use of technology.

This year I would like to incorporate morning tubs into our classroom daily routines. The Counting Links Activity Kit, Nuts About Counting and the Learning Dough Mats will be for these tubs. Students will work more independently and gain confidence in the skills they’re practicing while using the math and literacy kits in the morning tubs. Your donations will help my students become independent learners and achieve the goals they set out for themselves this year. Thank you!

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